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Title: Untitled
Pairing: Lithuania/Poland
Word Length: Around 1500?? so far
Warnings: Modern!AU


Feliks never liked beer.

He sat on Alfred’s couch with his almost full bottle, watching Alfred animatedly tell a story about some guy on his commute that he nearly ran over. All of Alfred’s coworkers and friends had been invited over to his barbecue. The worst part was that Feliks didn’t even know half these people. Most of them were from Alfred’s work, and he had never met any of them. Why did he even come? Erszi told him that she’d be there, but she ended up bailing on him last minute.

Bitterly, Feliks took a swing of his disgusting beer. He didn’t even really like parties unless they were for him. Just a bunch of twenty-somethings in Alfred’s rowhouse getting drunk. He was squished between some gruff plantinum blond guy with the most obnoxious and drunken laugh and some quiet blond guy who Feliks guessed was Alfred’s brother.

“So, like, the dude started yelling at me, and I was like, ‘Dude, what the hell? You ran in front of me and now I’m late to work.’” Alfred drank more of his beer. “Christ, I hate dealing with people, especially people like that who fucking run out into the road to chase their fucking dog.”

“I fuckin’ hate people too,” said the platinum blond next to Feliks. Gilbert or something. “Especially when there’s like crowds of them walking so slow in front of you and you’re just like, ‘Move the fuck outta my way, I’m trying to get to work.”

“Exactly, man!”

Feliks nodded in agreement. Maybe he wasn’t drunk enough or maybe he didn’t know any of these people well enough to initiate a conversation with them. He kinda knew Gilbert. His friend, Feliciano, was dating Gilbert’s brother, Ludwig, but he didn’t know if that was enough to start a conversation with him.

Might as well try.

“Hey, are you da—“

The doorbell rang.

“So, I’m gonna go check out who that is. Gil, can you see if your brother’s finished with the sausages yet?”

“Yeah.” Gilbert got up from the bed and left, along with any chances Feliks had with starting a conversation with someone.

From all the way at the front door, Feliks heard Alfred greet someone enthusiastically. He glanced sideways at Alfred’s brother, who he would have started talking to if Arthur (?) didn’t start talking to him first.

Alfred led in the newcomer with a bright smile on his face. “Hey, Feliks! You’re gonna love this guy.”

Feliks glanced at him. The newcomer was unremarkably dressed with casual jeans and a tight black Game of Thrones T-shirt. He also had the most disheveled brown hair Feliks had ever seen.


“So, Feliks, this is Toris! He’s one of the junior managers at my branch.”

“H-Hey,” Toris said. He smiled softly. Another one of Alfred’s coworkers.

“I’m Feliks,” he said. “I’m one of Alfred’s friends.”

“We go waaaaaay back, Feliks and I,” Alfred interjected. “I’ve known him for a while.”

“I see,” Toris said.

“So, Toris, do you wanna beer?”

“Yeah, I’d like one. Thank you, Alfred.”

“Feliks, come on, dude. I’m not gonna leave you hanging out there.”

Feliks followed Alfred and this newcomer—this Toris—to the kitchen. There were some yells coming from the next room as some of Alfred’s friends were watching some TV show that Feliks didn’t know.

“Toris, we’ve got your favorite apple beer.”

“Really? Oh thank you, Alfred!”

Feliks looked at his bottle. It was the same apple beer and it tasted deplorable. Toris twisted the cap of the bottle and took a swing.

“Everything good?” Alfred asked.

Toris and Feliks nodded.

“Good, now I’m gonna go check on the food with Ludwig aaaaaaaand you two loverbirds can just stay here and chat.”

Feliks blinked. The last thing he wanted to do tonight was be set up. Toris opened his mouth to speak, but Alfred had zoomed out of the kitchen.


“He’s really bizarre.”

Feliks nodded.

“I’m really sorry about this,” Toris said. “I had no idea Alfred was going to set us up.”

Listening to him speak more, Feliks caught the faintest trace of an accent. The accentuation of his “o”s and the odd way he pronounced “th” gave it away.

“Did you?”

“Did I what?”

“Did you know Alfred was going to set us up?”


“That makes two of us.” Toris looked away briefly. “So, you’re Feliks?”

“Yeah, and you’re Toris?”

“Yes. I’m sorry, you’re one of Alfred’s friends?”


“Ah. You don’t work at his firm?”


“How did you meet?”

“In high school actually. We’ve never been that close, but we’ve always been in contact.”


“And you…uhh…”

“I’m a junior associate at one of his firms.”

“Oh joy, another lawyer.”

Toris chuckled. Feliks smiled. The brunet had the goofiest smile. “Yes, I’m another one of those lawyers. And what about you? What do you do?”

“I,” Feliks said in a playful and haughty manner, “am a researcher.”

“A researcher? What do you research?”

“Astronomy at the Goddard Space Center.”

Toris rubbed his eyes. “You’re kidding.”

Feliks grinned. “Nope. That’s my job.”

“You’re Alfred’s friend who works at NASA?”

“That’s what he calls me?”

“I guess so. Wow,” Toris said in amazement. He took another sip of his beer, and Feliks blushed.

“I’ve even got proof, see.” Feliks took out his wallet from his purse and took out his identification card.

Toris almost spat out his beer. “You carry that around with you?”

“Well, yeah, I mean if there’s an emergency at work I have to go immediately, right?” He put the card back in his wallet.

“That’s kinda dangerous.”

Feliks shrugged. “I’ve never had a problem with it. Unlike with lawyers,” he added playfully.

“What is it with you and lawyers,” Toris said.

“So what do you do, bring Alfred coffee?”

Toris snorted. “No. I file paperwork and deal with clients and basically do everything that Alfred does. He just handles the biggest cases.”

“Right.” His job sounded infinitely more boring than Feliks’.

“It’s probably a lot more boring than yours to be honest.”

That was creepy.

“I mean, I research space and rockets. That’s cooler than all of the other jobs out there. Remember back in September when NASA launched one of its last satellites in Virginia?”

“Mmm, I could see it out my window.”

“Guess who helped design it?”

“You? No way.”

Feliks nodded. “I’m a humble guy.”

“So humble,” Toris said sarcastically.

As they kept talking, Feliks noticed that his hair wasn’t disheveled as it was more adorably messy and maybe there was a gray hair or two peeking out. His green eyes were a shade or two darker than Feliks, but they brightened whenever he laughed. He was actually…kinda cute.

“Hey, how old are you?” Feliks asked.


“Jesus, you look like a college kid.”

Toris’ eyes widened, but then he collected himself. “Is that a complement?”

“I think so. You look really good.”

“Th-thank you.” Toris blushed and put his bottle down. “Is my face red? I think I’ve drank too much.”

Feliks snorted. “A little. I think it looks fine.”

“Oh thank you. Hey, since you asked me my age, I have to ask you yours.”


“So how old are you?”


“Twenty-nine, and you’re already working at NASA.”

“I was kinda good.”


“Soo…” Even if neither of them had any idea Alfred was going to set them up, it seemed to be working.

“Do you have a girlfriend?”



Toris blushed harder. “U-Um…no too.”

“Really? That’s kinda shocking.”

“Not really.”

“Why not? You’re really cute.” If no one else wanted Toris, Feliks would snatch him up for himself.

“I-I’m not…”

“You totally are.” Feliks took another sip of the disgusting beer. He hoped that the alcohol would give him confidence. “You’re really too humble.”


“Hey guys the foods done!” Alfred swung open the kitchen door. “Oh look, you’re both still talking. That’s great! Well, food’s done unless you want to keep talking.”

“Do you want to keep talking?” Toris asked.

“I barely know anyone else around here. Except for my friend’s boyfriend’s brother.”

Toris laughed. “That’s awkward. I guess I’ll show you around outside. Come on.”

Outside, Toris introduced him to some of his coworkers. Matthew, Arthur, Francis, Kiku, Antonio. That last one caught Feliks’ attention.

“Hey, do you know Lovino Vargas?”

“Sorta.” Fear entered his eyes. “Why?”

“No reason.”

It turned out that Ludwig was one of Alfred’s friends from elsewhere, and Gilbert worked at another firm. They both shared Feliks’ love of European soccer.

“I never took you for a soccer fan,” Toris remarked.

Feliks bit into his hot dog. “Mmmmf?”

“You as a soccer fan,” Toris said.

Feliks swallowed. “Oh yeah, I mean I kinda grew up with it.”

“Really? You don’t seem the sporty type.”

“Everyone always says that. You don’t seem like the sporty type either. You’re lanky.”

“I play basketball on the weekend!” Toris exclaimed. “I’m good at it.”

“Really? You, Basketball?”

“Yes, me, basketball.” Toris rolled his eyes. “Is it really that hard to believe?”


“You need to watch me play one day.”

“Fine. Maybe I will.”


Ludwig and Gilbert exchanged glances.

“We should probably go sit down somewhere,” said Toris.

“Yeah,” Feliks replied, eager to get far from the crowds of people outside on Alfred’s backyard.

“I have an idea. Alfred!” Toris exclaimed.

From where he was talking with Matthew, Alfred looked up, “Yeah dude?”

“Can we go eat on your front porch?”

“Oh sure that’s fine! Just clean up after yourselves.”

Away from the other people, Toris and Feliks found themselves outside on the front porch, looking at Alfred’s darkening street. The setting sun bathed the street and houses in gold.

“It matches your hair,” Toris said.

“Wait what?”

“The sunlight. It’s like gold and blond and damn, never mind.”

Nonetheless, the sentiment was sweet, even if Toris’ words didn’t come out right.

“It’s a really pretty evening,” Feliks said.

“Yeah, shame that we have to go into work tomorrow.”

Feliks sighed. “Yeah.”

“Oh and you never answered your part of the question that you asked me.”

“And that question was?”

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

Feliks scowled at him.

“A boyfriend?”

He kept scowling. “Obviously.”

“I don’t see why not either. You’re very pretty.”



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